About us

TopFund currently manages more than 20,000 BTC and is one of the largest digital currency funds in Asia.

TopFund Primary Market Investment Fund: we focus on the public chains and basic protocols, as well as projects in finance and credit areas, and will rigorously screen quality projects based on the team, technology, law, community, operations, finance, etc. TopFund provides a full range of post-investment services, such as financial, technical, strategic and compliance support, for the portfolios.

TopFund Secondary Market Investment Fund: we develop a variety of quantitative investment strategies for the digital currency secondary market, incubate self-operated quantitative investment team. TopFund invest in dozens of external quantitative teams with different strategies and risk types, and provide market maker services for blockchain startups.

TopFund Investment Banking Services: Selecting quality projects worldwide and providing professional, life-cycle investment banking services for our portfolios, all of which have achieved huge financial returns.

Management team

Liu Siyu Founder

Professor of EMBA, Nanjing University

The Tutor of China University of Political Science and Law

The Tutor of Capital University of Economics and Business

2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 in China



Primary market investment fund

TopFund is a blockchain fund for specific qualified investors, and the investment areas cover the public chains and basic protocols, as well as projects in finance and credit areas. TopFund will rigorously screen high-qualified projects in multiple dimensions such as team, technology, market, law, operations, and finance.


Secondary market investment fund

TopFund works with the world's toppest hedge funds and artificial intelligence teams to develop quantitative investment strategies that cover passive asset allocation and quantify hedge arbitrage. The model creators come from world-class institutions, with more than 10 years of working experience in algorithms and finance areas.